Millennial Generation

Lili grew up in the era of Columbine High School, 9/11, Enron, and the second war in Iraq. Because she never experienced a life without computers (and the Internet), she is very comfortable with technology. But so are her competitors.

Lili’s parents expected a lot from her—and were generous with praise. They pushed her to study hard—and she graduated from high school and college with highest honors.

Today, Lili is in her first job. She’s had a tough time adjusting to the work world, and she isn’t all that happy with her job or salary. In fact, Lili is considering moving back home to save money for a condo down payment.

Another adjustment has been learning to manage her finances. She is trying to build an emergency fund, while paying off her large college loan.

At her age, getting married, having kids, or retiring seems far away. Not surprisingly, she doesn’t think much about the future of Social Security.

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