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Silent Generation

She lived through the Korean War, the Cold War, and the space race. She didn’t win a world war. But she did make 1950s America a land of unprecedented prosperity.

Ruth believed in institutions and followed the rules. She also believed in traditional families and gender roles.

Today, Ruth is happily retired. Because many women of her generation stayed home to raise the children, her retirement fund is smaller than she’d like (Social Security and a modest IRA). Fortunately, her husband, Bill, spent his entire career with one employer (not unusual then). So between Bill’s corporate pension, his Social Security, and her retirement income, they live quite comfortably.

Like many retirees, Ruth worries about outliving her assets and needing long-term care at some point. She also worries about what will happen if Bill’s former employer cancels their post-retirement health insurance.

Because Ruth married—and had children—early in life, she and her husband haven’t paid a college bill in years. But that may change . . . her grandson is graduating from high school soon.

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